You Can Make a Difference! (4/10/13)

I feel as though various problems within the world seem so astronomical (which many are) because a person does not feel like they can have a direct personal impact. As a result, there is little desire to feel inclined to institute change. There is a stigma that it is impossible to solve a problem so global and large scale in nature, so why bother trying to help? This mentality is completely wrong and I could not have been more fortunate to be a part of this Global PENNovation class within the Organizational Dynamics Masters Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

I can admit to my guilt and ignorance of the issue of food waste. I was that individual who would not take home leftovers from a restaurant and if I did, I knew they would not be consumed and would just be thrown away at a later date. I was that consumer who would enter a supermarket scouring for the best looking produce, ignoring those with any minor indication of a blemish or reaching for the milk carton with the latest expiration date. I was guilty of all of these things because I was unaware and not held accountable for my actions.

You can make a difference!

After seeing our efforts come to fruition at our food waste recovery campaign, Pheedin’ Philly which was held here on Penn’s Campus on 4/4/13, I can truly say that I feel I have made a difference beginning with myself. Students were intrigued with our event and could not believe the amount of food we recovered from local vendors that would have been thrown away otherwise. To my surprise, many Penn students who I spoke with were aware of this issue and very informed which was enlightening to hear. For those who were less familiar, they were willing to listen and express their thoughts on possible actions we as consumers can make. This expressed interest was refreshing. This class may not have solved world hunger, but I feel as though we definitely instilled a message to hundreds of people who stopped by our event. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of our efforts and know that I have learned a monumental amount from our professors and guest lecturers and will definitely use this knowledge to keep myself informed and I will pass it on to others. (Lindsay Cull)


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