Final Reflections Blog (4/9/13)

It went something like this: “Do you know what we are doing here today? We are running a food waste awareness campaign. We formed partnerships with a couple local bakeries and restaurants and they donated food to us that they would have thrown out last night. All the food you see here would instead be in landfills today. We are bringing it to you so you see how perfectly edible, delicious and nutritious it still is… Do you have an idea about how much food waste we produce as a nation?”… 

Amazingly, most people paid close attention to what I had to say. Never before had I been to an event where people actually wanted to learn more – maybe because food is so near and dear to our hearts that the thought of all that yummy food being in the trash was something that they just couldn’t make sense of. I am pretty sure that, for that moment with us, our audience felt repulsed and angry, and wanted to change their behavior and the behavior of others. It is hard to say what happened to each individual as they walked away – did they retain our message and work on their habits; or did they munch away on the bagel and move on to whatever they were dwelling on before? Impossible as this is to answer, I hope that our choice of giveaways has a direct impact with our audience at home.

I thoroughly enjoyed our event and believe we accomplished what we set out to do. We have learned a whole lot about food waste and have passed that knowledge on to others in our community. Within the time span that we had to complete this project this semester (very brief 3 months), I could not be more satisfied with our most important deliverable – a sharp yet simple event that was created by each and every one of us and executed to a measure barely short of perfection.

I am very proud to have been part of this project and feel blessed to have been a part of this class – for all that I have learned and for having met some amazing individuals who renew my faith in humankind and let me believe that one day, food waste will have been history. (Sarah Muller)


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