Eggs-elent New Recipes (4/2/13)

Kara sending me home with  Easter Eggs
Kara sending me home with Easter Eggs

For those that celebrate Easter, there are two kinds of families: the ones that hide real eggs and the ones that hide plastic eggs. The Hirshons fall squarely into the first category. We hard boil our eggs, dye them all up, and then hide them all around the house. Finding eggs is good fun, so it’s best to make a pile of them. As a result, at the end of the day you’ve got a couple of cartons worth of eggs to go along with your Cadbury Creme eggs and chocolate bunnies.

Since I don’t usually make it home to State College for Easter anymore, it was comforting to discover that my friend Kara’s family, who always invites me over, is a ‘real egg kind of family’. Since they’re all good cooks, I decided to pick their brains to get recipes for left-over eggs.

Scotch Eggs
Scotch Eggs
Scotch Eggs Recipe
Scotch Eggs Recipe

Growing up, we always made deviled eggs (yum!) and egg salad. They had some new ideas to add into the mix though. Her mom suggested throwing hard boiled eggs into potato salad, pasta salad, and even on top of regular salad. We talked about mixing them into meatloaf, or even putting them onto a fresh baguette with a little salt and pepper and some good tomatoes and lettuce. Then she had me try two dishes I’d never had before that she had already made for our meal. They were so delicious I had to share the recipes.

The Scotch egg looks almost like a samosa. It’s basically a hardboiled egg, wrapped in sausage and then cooked up in a biscuit (or “biscuit parts” as our friend Robin’s two and a half year old son would say). It makes a nice little breakfast sandwich, or it can serve as an appetizer.

The second one was a ham pie. It looks and tastes a lot like a quiche, and each pie includes close to a dozen hard boiled eggs. It was filling enough to be its own meal and you could easily serve it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

A slice of Ham Pie
A slice of Ham Pie
Ham Pie Recipe
Ham Pie Recipe

So, if you come from a real egg family (or celebrate Easter with one), take home as many hard boiled eggs as you can get your hands on and try out one of these recipes. If you’re from one of those plastic egg families, sorry, but you’re on your own for this one. (Lauren Hirshon)


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