You’re Doing it All Wrong (3/31/13)

My wife and I revisited the local pub that I referenced in an earlier blog. And, once again, we split the buffalo chicken wrap. I was all set to enjoy an evening of good food, good beer, and great company. I even expected that I would end the evening feeling good about my food waste efforts, because this was supposed to be an identical experience to the last time we split a meal here. 

We sat down and ordered our drinks… two waters and two Round Guys Slackers, which is an American brown ale. We were torn between the ham and cheese sandwich on a pretzel bun with honey mustard glaze (Yum!) and the buffalo chicken wrap serve with blue cheese dressing on the side (also Yum!). Rock, paper, scissors… no seriously, that’s how we decided. I represented the buffalo chicken and she was the ham and cheese sandwich. Best two out of three. You already know that I won and we ordered the buffalo chicken, but what you don’t know is that it was an intense come-from-behind victory. My wife won the first round (scissors cuts paper), then we had a draw (two rocks), then I won (scissors cuts paper), and in round three the meal was decided with another victory by me (scissors cuts paper again).
Everything was going as planned. Even the decision making process was fun! Then, of course, the food came out. The wrap was split as usual, so no complaints there. However, I noticed that this time we both received a full portion of fries. Why? We didn’t request extra fries… and we weren’t charged for them either. My guess is that the restaurant, being only 4 blocks from our home, has begun to recognize us as “locals” since we visit here once or twice a month. Maybe this is how they were “taking extra care” of us. I want to write them a letter, and it would look something like this:

Dear (insert pub name here),

Thank you for your great food and excellent service. On our last visit, we noticed that you provided us with extra fries when we split a meal. Thank you for your extra effort to enrich our experience, but if your goal is to keep us happy and coming back… YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG! There is no need to provide us with “extra” anything, particularly empty calories. If you want to “take care” of us, take a buck off of our tab or throw in a side salad.

We enjoy being patrons of socially responsible organizations, and I do not intend to stop visiting you because of some extra fries on my plate. However, I hope that you realize the larger scale implications of what you do and make efforts to change your ways. Think about this:
A typical restaurant meal has at least 60 % more calories than the average home-cooked meal. (Bloom 2010) Diners leave an average of 17 % of their meals uneaten. (Bloom 2010)
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please this website for more information.


(Sam Godfrey)


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