Miraculous Green Onions (3/30/13)

Every now and then (more like every week) I get both leeks and green onions in my farm share box. Green onions are super yummy and delicious, but I find that there is only so much I can do with them and I eventually end up making the same things over and over again – and I am human, so I got bored. 

So I decided to consult Dr. Google to see if anyone else had the same issues or had extra green onions and what they do with them. I discovered a lot, but to my surprise, the most amazing thing I learned is that you can simply put your green onions in a glass of cold water and they will stay fresh and beautiful for as long as you want (as long as they have roots, they will continue to grow).

Green Onions
Green Onions

Here is what I am trying to say: place your beautiful green onions in a large beer glass (yes, beer glass! it looks great) with water to cover the roots. Then whenever you want to use them just cut the amount you need off with scissors. In the photo there are two bunches. In the one on the right you can see where I snipped it because one branch didn’t grow. From last week until today, that is how much they have grown!!! The bunch to the left is the one I just got today and I snipped them so they can grow as well.  (I’ll be making beef broth with them, so look for that in my next post!)

It is quite amazing to see nature working its magic right in my house.  (Sarah Muller)


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