Spring Cleaning and the Art of Freezing (3/28/13)

There seems be a simple solution to reduce food waste – the freezer. As Spring approaches (or so I thought, although we had snow recently!), I felt obliged to conduct the annual Spring cleaning rituals. Spring cleaning for me, always consists of the traditional dusting, vacuuming, cleaning out the closet etc. This year I decided to add another task, cleaning out the freezer.

Zucchini Bread
Zucchini Bread

I am very lucky to have a mother with a green thumb. Each fall she showers me with homemade gravy (tomato sauce to most), zucchini breads and more. Thankfully she recently did a little spring cleaning of her own and supplied me with a few frozen goodies. Not only do I have enough for at least two homemade (defrosted) meals coming up, I also was able to clean out or re-organize my freezer to create more space for other items I knew were on the brinks of turning bad or going stale, to freeze for myself. Frozen bananas, bagels and breads are something I find easy to store and taste just as good post-thaw. Frozen bananas go great in a smoothie, or even a yummy banana peanut butter ice cream. When defrosted and slightly toasted, bagels and breads are good as new.

Frozen Ziti
Frozen Ziti

So, it might be a quick fix for consumers, but one that we can all benefit from. Next time that brown banana starts to make its way to the trash can, try putting it in a zip lock bag in the freezer instead. If you have trouble cooking meals due to lack of time, try batch cooking on a free night or weekend, this way you can freeze meals to enjoy later in the week! (Liz Manotti)


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