One of Those Questions (3/27/13)

Not sure how to describe this?
Not sure how to describe this?

My eldest son asked me “why are all these apples lying on the ground?” while enjoying a family day out at an orchard farm. I was speechless for a few moments trying to think about an answer that would make sense to him and the rest of the world.

Every day we drive through neighborhoods where families are suffering from hunger and, I am confident, parents don’t find an easy answer when a child cries, “there is plenty of food out there, why don’t we have some?”

Hunger is a pressing global challenge and it seems like we are not optimizing our resources. For example, we only consume 60% of the food we produce, and 40% is wasted. Many resources are also wasted along the journey. Our behavior towards food isn’t sustainable and we are simply not considering or assessing the consequences of the decisions that we make today on the well-being of our children and grandchildren let alone the hungry people around every corner.

Being in an orchard is a pleasant experience, but I am not sure if I am teaching my children the right thing. It would a different experience if I could walk them through an orchard that embraces sustainable practices. For example, I would feel better if they were using the “ugly fruit” to make juice, donating excess produce…etc.

It is only a matter of time before we’re forced to seriously consider our attitude towards food.  We need proactive change that will help prevent undesirable natural and health consequences that will directly impact the quality of life of our future generations.  (Amr Buckly)


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