No Food Left Behind! (3/26/13)

An interesting fact learned in my Organizational Dynamics class focusing on Food Recovery is that “food thrown out in the US – by households, supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores – would have been enough to satisfy every single one of the world’s malnourished people two times over.” (Stuart 2009) Although this statistic did not mention food thrown away from departmental functions across organizations, I can imagine this would factor in greatly to the amount of food wasted on a daily basis. Within my department alone, although we tend to be very conscientious of the amount of food we order per attendee, sometimes leftovers are inevitable. Because of my increased awareness of the amount of food that is wasted per year, I have focused my efforts on changing my daily lifestyle and what I can do to help make a difference, beginning with myself.

Leftover Primo Hoagies
Leftover Primo’s Hoagies


As you can see from the pictures, these were leftover Primo’s Hoagies that I brought home that went unconsumed at a department event. I encouraged another co-worker to take half and I took the other half. Not only were these hoagies consumed that night (Thursday) for dinner but also on Sunday night with an array of other leftover foods that were pulled from the refrigerator including, salad that many would have thrown out although it was still good, chicken quesadillas from Saturday night, and rice from a previous meal.

Primo Hoagies Meal
Leftover Primo’s Hoagies

Before running to the food store, take the time to look through your Freezer/Fridge/Pantry to see what meals can be concocted. Be creative and go food shopping in your own house to use up the food you have. You would be amazed at what you can pull together. Not only are you saving food, but you are saving money! (Win Preechawutthidech)


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