Food Recovery Champions of the Week (3/25/13)

Our fridge at work after a week of events
Our fridge at work after a week of events

Last week’s food recovery award (if I were giving one out) would have to go to my co-workers Ilene, Ian, and Lauren. They were true champions for the cause, and took our Fels food recovery efforts to the next level! Beginning last Friday, we had an action-packed, event-filled week. As part of our national public policy challenge we invited teams from eight other public policy schools across the country to Philadelphia and fed them for the weekend as they competed. Despite having a million other things to do, Ilene, Ian, and Lauren dutifully saved the left-over food from dinners, lunches, and receptions.

By Monday morning, our fridge at work was filled with salmon, chicken dishes, salad, grilled veggies, guacamole, cheese, fruit, dessert, and more and our freezer was loaded up with frozen cookies, rolls, and bagels! All week, everyone in our office ate like kings and queens. But, that wasn’t all…

Ilene and Ian Saving Food
Ilene and Ian Saving Food

Their heroic efforts culminated in Harrisburg on Wednesday. After hosting an event at the State Capitol, we had trays and trays of leftover desserts, artichoke dip, and veggies. Despite getting funny looks from the caterers (who must be used to pitching oodles of food) they carefully wrapped everything up in Saran-wrap and drove it close to 2 hours back to the office.

So, for the trays and trays of food they saved, I’d like to nominate these three for this week’s food recovery award. I am extremely biased (since I benefitted greatly from their efforts), but I think the sheer distance they traveled with leftovers as well as the volume makes them stand out. Thanks Ilene, Ian, and Lauren for saving food, feeding me all week, and playing a part in reducing waste and optimizing resources! (Lauren Hirshon)


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