Lead by Example (3/22/13)

Leftovers Being Served for Daddy’s Dinner

It is not easy to change undesired behaviors, and old habits die-hard. Self-awareness and realization are two crucial steps to embark on a journey of desired change. Food waste is a serious issue that has a direct impact on our entire ecosystem. For example, we use most of our fresh water resources to produce food then 40% of it ends up in landfills… I believe that we are not doing the right thing and we should seriously and voluntarily consider our attitude towards food before nature starts to dictate tougher measures on how we handle resources.

I believe that we are morally obliged to embed a culture of ‘respect for food’ in our homes and raise up our children with a mindset that values natural resources and nature’s generosity.

I STARTED: I agreed with my spouse to gather all the leftovers from our children’s meals/ snacks and eat them for dinner. We are teaching our children to make conscious decisions about the quantities of food they pick to eat. They know they have to eat everything on their plates, and we never play with food.

We have to practice what we preach and we are morally obliged not to compromise our children’s right to live on a resourceful and environmentally stable planet. (Amr Buckly)


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