Goody bags and BOGOs (3/20/12)

This past weekend, my wife and I traveled home to attend a lunch for my aunt-in-law’s 70th birthday. We arrived a few minutes before “feeding time” and quickly realized that there was a TON of food. In observation of all of this potential waste, my heart began to race, I started to sweat, and I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking. Well not really, but it was initially concerning.

Goody Bag
Doggie Bag

Then, of course, I realized that I was at my in-laws’ house. My mother-in-law is the master of the “Goody Bag”… aka the “Doggie Bag.” Everyone is attendance left with an appropriately sized Goody Bag. My wife and I will have a ready-made dinner sometime this week consisting of fried chicken, Mac-n-Cheese, corn, blueberry muffins, salad, fruit salad, cake, and cookies (Yes, this was all served for lunch!!!). My cousin-in-law went home with enough food to feed her family of four… and so on and so forth. In the end, all that remained was a single meal‘s worth of food for my in-laws. Thank goodness for the Goody Bag!


In addition to our Goody Bag, my wife and I were also given a bag of croutons and a loaf of bread. Why? There was a Buy One Get One free deal at the supermarket, or as it is known in the retail industry… a BOGO. And we all know how hard it is to turn away free things… especially food! Because of this sale, even the reigning Queen of the Intentional Goody Bag ended up with too much food. Luckily, I have been having a strong craving for a good PB&J and we rarely purchase bread in our house. When it comes to bread, my wife and I probably waste as much as a single person living alone (which is 45% more than the average person). So, I’ll do my best to increase my sandwich intake this week, which honestly won’t be an issue. And, since it takes a loooong time for croutons to go stale, I’ll add them whenever my wife makes me eat a salad and eventually get through the bag. (Sam Godfrey)


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