Breakfast in Bed (3/19/13)

Mom and Dad with breakfast leftovers
Mom and Dad with breakfast leftovers

When my parents rolled in to visit this weekend, in addition to bringing me birthday presents they also came bearing breakfast leftovers. My mom said she got a weird look when she asked the waitress to wrap up two pancakes, home fries, and two pieces of whole wheat toast.

Old potato
Old potato

Saturday night we bought eggs, and my mom asked if I had any potatoes or onions. I actually had a sad looking potato that I knew needed to be cooked soon and we decided onion powder would have to work. The next morning I woke up to the smell of hash browns cooking. My mom had the pancakes warming up in the toaster oven and she taught me how to make a faux-syrup out of brown sugar, vanilla flavoring, hot water, and butter. When we were done we had a feast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, home fries, and toast for three. It was delicious!

I think a lot of people end up tossing perfectly good food, because they’re not as adept at reheating and reusing leftovers as my mom. So, next time you see a waiter or waitress about to sweep perfectly good breakfast food into the trash, remember with a few additional ingredients you could have a whole other meal. And, who knows, if you hang with the right crowd you may even get breakfast in bed 🙂 (Lauren Hirshon)

Our Breakfast Feast
Our Breakfast Feast

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