Spreading Cheer, One Meal At a Time (3/18/13)

The act of giving is often underestimated (in my opinion) and I always find a random act of kindness is greatly appreciated. A simple door hold or smile will do, but I wanted to take it up a notch and also continue in my efforts of reducing food waste. Today was a day I decided to spread some cheer to those who didn’t see it coming. As mentioned in a previous blog, I often have food left over from events (trying to cut down on this as a whole!). As my event this afternoon came to an end, I noticed there were going to be left over boxed lunches (even though I ordered for less than the number of YES responses we got). Normally, we would leave the food for the caterer to pick up and other times they would unfortunately be thrown out, but not today. I brought boxes and a cart with me in hopes we would have extra, with the plan to re-distribute. As I packed up my cart, I walked the halls and campus, offering free sandwiches and salads to those I came in contact with. I am pretty sure I made the day of two security guards and a few hungry Penn students. Not only was I satisfied with my food waste reducing efforts, it truly made me feel good about this random act of kindness. Although these individuals may not have been struggling economically or with hunger, I do believe they were appreciative, saved a few bucks on lunch and were impressed by my efforts as I made them aware of our food recovery efforts. Hopefully, these individuals will pay it forward after receiving this random act of kindness. Maybe next time they think about throwing out their piece of fruit or snack that comes along with their lunch, they will give it to a friend. (Liz Manotti)


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