What’s for Dinner? Rice Bowl! (3/14/13)

One night for dinner my girlfriend and I decided to raid the fridge instead of going out. After a few minutes it became clear that any meal we put together would have to be a hodge-podge of leftovers. So, we decided on a rice bowl. We had enough vegetables in the fridge to throw together and create what turned out to be a pretty impressive meal. We used shallots found in the bottom of the crisper, half a red pepper, a green pepper, and some baby carrots that have been in the fridge for a tad longer than they should have. While the rice was cooking I began to ‘stir fry’ the vegetables in a pan with some oil. When they began to soften we added some soy sauce to give the vegetables a bit of an ‘Asian’ taste. We then topped the rice with the vegetables and added an egg on top for a little flare. I prefer my egg over-easy and then if you break the yolk while the meal is hot, the yolk will cook a little for a nice treat. (Josh Shannon)


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