Saint Amy, Savior of the Condiments (3/12/13)

Trashed food from the freezer
Trashed food from the freezer

When I reached into my fridge Thursday night, something didn’t feel quite right. The lights turned on like normal and air was blowing out, but there was no breeze of cold air. Uh-oh. The freezer was worse. Hmmmm. Maybe I had accidentally bumped the temperature dial and turned up the heat? Something told me that wasn’t the case, but I cranked it up to frigid and started packing for my weekend trip.

When I woke up in the morning my ice cream was soppy, my edamame was defrosted, and my ice tray was filled with little puddles of water 😦 What a mess! This was the last thing I wanted to deal with before taking off for a girl’s weekend. And, what was I going to do about the food waste?!?

Needless to say, much of my food had to be pitched. With dismay, I realized my frozen burgers were unsalvageable, my ice cream bars were no longer bars, and my sorbet was a mess. Oy.

Left-over couscous and white cheddar cheese
Left-over couscous and white cheddar cheese

But, some of it could be saved! I had put a few items outside in a cooler in case my
little dial experiment didn’t work. So, I grabbed a yogurt from the cooler for breakfast and started packing up salvageable food to carry into work with me. My co-workers got thawed our veggies. For lunch, I made a feast of left-overs. I finished off some hummus and carrots and created a little couscous, cheese, and bruschetta concoction.

Fortunately, since I’ve been eating my way through my fridge and freezer for the past six weeks the damage wasn’t too horrendous. But, I still had a whole door full of condiments. What about all my salad dressings, jams, and mustards? The thought of sending them all out to the trash made me feel like the worst kind of food waster.

Condiment drawer
Condiment drawer

In a last ditch effort, I called my friend Amy who lives several blocks away. “Amy, we’ve got a situation. Do you have room in your fridge, and are you in the neighborhood? My fridge just broke and I’m jumping on a train in two hours. Can you help me save my ketchup?” Lickety-split Saint Amy drove by my place on her way back into the city and saved the day by carrying off a bag full of condiments.

So, this week I’ll be continuing my efforts to save food with an almost clean slate. While I still have pickles and marinades, aside from that I’m starting from scratch. And, this was a good reminder of why you ought to consider buying only the food you need. (Lauren Hirshon)


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