Taking on a Frozen Patty (1/31/13)

Frozen hamburgerOn my way to the gym I called my mom to chat and ended up telling her about my dilemma. I had eight frozen burgers in my freezer. Their best buy date was January 5, so after doing some online research into expiration dates I figured they were still fine but I needed to eat them soon. I wasn’t really in the mood for a burger though. I was leaning more towards a salad with chicken or turkey. Hmmmmm….

My mom is a natural food-saver. Last time I was home she had my brother take home left-over nachos from a restaurant (soggy chips and all). I had my doubts about that one, but she turned it into a yummy Mexican scramble the next day after toasting bits of it in the toaster oven and adding some fresh veggies and cheese. Given that, I had a feeling what she would suggest.

We talked about cooking up a burger and throwing it into Chili, adding it to pasta sauce, or making it into a fun burger, so that I’d be excited about eating it. As a compromise, I decided I would buy some fresh veggies (as a side), and make up a jazzier burger. Having just eaten my burger (topped with canned mushrooms from the pantry) and sharp cheddar, I know it was a good decision. Once I smelled it cooking, I was totally in the mood for a burger. Thanks Mom! Plus, I’ve giving myself an extra pat on the back since I know our livestock eats about twice as much food as we do, so throwing it away would be doubly wasteful. (Lauren Hirshon)


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