Loving Food on Valentine’s Day (2/19/13)

It was a very hectic Valentine’s day at work because I knew that we were having a reception for our CFO who was leaving the Department of Neurosurgery and taking a new job at the University. I was responsible for placing the food order and making the payment for this soiree. Shamefully in the past, I would order food mindlessly, usually tending to order too much for fear of not having enough for our Neurosurgeons. My actions this time were different. I truly thought about the members in my department and what our usual employee showing tends to be. Although there were leftovers, I have to admit, there was not as much as seen in the past. Of the 4 entrees that were ordered, this is what remained.

Left-over Pasta
Left-over Pasta
Left-over salad and Bread
Left-over salad and Bread

Along with this, there was an entire tray of salad and a few bread rolls that went uneaten as well. After seeing this, I immediately sent an email out to the entire Department of Neurosurgery expressing to them the urgency in not wasting this food and asking them to bring it home to their families. Many individuals actually acknowledged this email and began filling their Tupperware containers, including myself. Even if I am only one person, I still have a voice and if I can persuade the members of my Department alone that food waste is an ever-growing issue, I have made some progress.

On top of this, it was also my birthday so dinner reservations were made at a restaurant named Branzino in the city that night. This food was delicious but as is always the case, my boyfriend and I did not finish all of our meal. Without even hesitating, take-home boxes were requested. This food was later consumed on Sunday for dinner along with other leftovers from an earlier lunch. Not only were we saving money, but we were also not wasting food. I think Pasta is a great meal to cook because even when reheated, it always tastes delicious as opposed to some other meals. Although I cannot predict the amount of food I will be served at a restaurant, I can counteract that ambiguity by preparing myself to have leftover meals that will need to be consumed at a later date. (Lindsay Cull)


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