Enough is Enough (2/19/2013)

I met my wife out for dinner this evening. We ordered a buffalo chicken wrap, which comes with a side of fries. Yes, I said “we ordered” a single entree. We asked for it to be split, and when it came out, we each had a half of a decent sized wrap and a perfect portion of fries. If I had eaten the entire meal by myself, I probably would have been uncomfortable, possibly sick. Or, I would have left half of the fries on the plate to be “taken away.” Maybe I would have taken them home and diced them up to make home fries with breakfast (I’ve done this before), but probably not. It was enough.

My wife and I always split meals, because restaurants never serve portion sizes that are reasonable for us. Sometimes we have dessert, sometimes we don’t. But, it is nice to decide if we want more, instead of being forced to decide what to do with the excess.

This experience got me thinking…. Why isn’t “enough”… enough? Why do we allow restaurants to decide how much we should eat? Why are we okay with limiting our options to eat it all (and feel sick), throw it out, or take it home? Why don’t we insist that the only decision we need to make is “do you want more”? Why, why, why? (Sam Godfrey)


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