Save our Pizza (2/12/13)

I’m at a high end food store, and I can’t resist getting a slice of pizza. While standing there, another individual orders a slice of a white pizza that has apparently been there for awhile (only one slice of the pizza had been eaten). The individual behind the counter says – “we’re making a new one, it will be done in a minute” and quickly/expertly folds all 7 pieces of the pizza up and throws them in the garbage before I can even react.

I went back and asked another individual behind the counter if that was standard practice, or if any attempt was made to donate pizzas throughout the day – which would be easy to do. “No,” she said, “we used to, but we don’t do it anymore.” I asked why, but she didn’t know. I commented that that was a lot of waste. “Yeah,” she replied, “it is.” (Steven Finn)


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