How Far Should Left-Overs Travel? (1/26/13)

How far should left-overs travel?
How far should left-overs travel?

This week I’ve continued shopping out of my fridge.  I finished up my eggs, worked through some bread, took care of a bag of spinach and a few apples, and tried the Trader Joe’s tomato and red pepper bisque that I bought when I was preparing for Hurricane Sandy… I also ended up eating out for a few meals, but I was being a total left-over champ until last night.  I was in DC visiting one of my best friends, and for dinner we decided to split two entrees and a small salad.  I couldn’t finish my delicious Mexican risotto.  Normally I would have asked for a doggie bag, but since I still had to train it back to Philly I let them whisk the whole plate away with enough for a decent portion for lunch the next day.  As you might imagine, I’m feeling guilty about it (and frankly, it would have been better than what I’m going to conjure up out of my fridge later).  How do you handle the doggie bag situation when you’re not going straight home? (Lauren Hirshon)


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